Stories by Lynn Ash

The Invisible Car

The Spy

The Phone Call

The Holesome Bakery Searchlight

Peter Cottontail's Friend

The Easter Card

During the Depression

The Little Box of Tomatoes

Ballast Point Pier and the Blue Crab

A Very Jolly Night

Lum's Diner

The Roasting Pans

A Rainy Ride

Hunting Arrowheads

A Busch Gardens Tarzan Story

Sunday Morning Lady

The Unruly Couple in the Seat Behind Us

The Coat

What's that Tap, Tap, Tapping in our Neighborhood?

Bank Night Deposit

Lars Thorwald, On My Way to Seattle

The Ricksha Ride

The Blind Man

Look At That Van Go

A Touch On The Shoulder

A Brown Thrush

Holloween Vampires


Here Comes The Judge

The Red Slap

The Escaped Convict

The Sky Was Green That Night

500 Miles Down The Amazon

Newton And The Antique Telephone

The Parachute

The Piano

The Mosquito Truck

Mother's Day

My Dad's Boss

A Dime and a Penny

Can I Pay For Your Coffee

The Search

The Ice Cream Stand

The Little House in the Woods

Three in Cedar Key



Wild West, A Few Ashes Left

Sulphur Springs

Wallowing in Heaven

Truck Ride Chatting

The Devils Elbow


The Thanksgiving Chicken

Mailbox Surprise

Speaking Swahili


The Foot Roller

Barefoot Mailman #1 - The Painting

Barefoot Mailman #2 - One Year Later "Fish Gut Pier"

Barefoot Mailman #3 - Forty Years Later "The Rescue"


The Mystery Cake

The Purple Couch

Tiger! Tiger!

Staff Meetings

The Fonz

Ribbon, the Psychic Macaw

The Horses of Elliott Street

Spider in the Balcony

The Bus Trip to Osprey

The Bright Red Swimming Cap

The Leg of Lamb