How to contribute photographs and text

We need Photographs in general and specific photos to complete our site.
Below is a list of Photographs needed and instructions on how to submit
for publication. Also additional text, birthdays, deaths, addresses, etc.
are needed to fill in the missing pieces of this story. All contributors will
be credited and links will be furnished.

Wanted Photographs!

(1) - Mrs. Charlie Maxwell - portrait
(2) - T. A. and Charlie Maxwell - Portrait
(3) - Earl Maxwell - Portrait
(4) - Angie Maxwell - Portrait
(5) - Alyse Kelly Maxwell - Portrait
(6) - (Charles,Allen,Janie,Sue,Sandra)Portrait

Where and How To Send

If you have access to a scanner (most copy centers, or photo processors can create
a picture disk) then E-Mail individual Photo files to:


If you do not have access to a scanner, or you have a large number of photographs
on a CD-Rom, you can Mail copies of photos (not originals) or CD-Roms to:

John Nichols
15711 Morris Bridge Road
Thonotosassa Fl. 33592

If you have text only you may send by E-Mail to Joyce Glauser at:


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